Clement says: Wanderlust is confusing

Do ever feel restless at the thought of having to stay in one spot for the rest of your life? Do you feel like there is an entire world of adventure just waiting for you to discover and explore? Then perhaps it is the wanderlust inside of you, screaming to be set free?


First, we must define what wanderlust is?

“A very strong and irresistible¬†impulse or desire to travel the world or a strong desire to travel.”

Not everybody has this within them or catches the so-called ‘travel bug’. Some are very content with the world they are living in and feel no need to leave their comfortable homes in a quest for new adventures and the dangers that may be awaiting them.

What is the motivation for wanderlust?

However, to others that curiosity of wondering what it would be like will never die or go away. From the beginning to the middle to the end. The whole journey will always be worth it and conquering any inhibitions or barriers holding them back is their prize. The bigger fear for a wanderluster is to be in the death bed wondering of what could have been or regretted not taking the opportunity than death itself.

You would think they were cry babies or just being melodramatic, trying to run away from their problems and responsibilities in quest of some sort for a magical answer in a distant land. Well, I can tell you if that is the reason for your quest then you might as well unpack your bag now because that is the wrong reason to travel. It’ is only in very few cases that people actually do find what they are looking for. In the majority of cases, they travel and find out that the answers they were looking for were not in a location or with a person. So they come back unsurprisingly¬†rather disappointed.

What to expect realistically?

What you will gain from your travels is a greater understanding of the world and appreciation for different cultures and way of life. You will release just how you will have your problems in your hometown, that there are problems in every home town around the world.

You also realise that travelling in the name of love sounds romantic until you holiday whirlwind honeymoon romance ends and you ask yourself what next? Another love fling? How about you, slow down, take the time out to first get to know you.

Whatever the reason for you the one thing for sure is that you will definitely get a deeper understanding of yourself whether that is for the good for the bad.

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