Clementsays: Throwback Thursday Algarve 2015

Throwback Thursday: Algarve 2015

Picture of me in bucket had sipping drink in cup

Throwback Thursday Algarve 2015

This week throwback Thursday I take it back to this time last year. I was excited and getting ready for another season of sun, seas and sand.
Prior to this, I had previously been to Algarve the year before but as a rookie. This time, I was ready to go as a senior and experienced pro. I and my two friends who I had previously gone with last year, was ready for round two.

We knew all the best spots and all the best ways to get the most out of our experience. We were very happy with our hotel selection choice completely self-catered.
My aim for this year was to explore more of the actual place and get familiar with the local scene. Learn more Portuguese and become as fluent as I could possibly get. All of us had our own goals. However, overall we just wanted to enjoy Algarve even more than last year.

Was we had landed and got reacquainted with the heat(which was unbelievably hot as expected), we went for a stroll down the strip. Walking around just familiarising ourselves with our local surroundings, as we were staying in an entirely new location from last year. The strip was a 20min straight walk from our hotel. the closer we got the strip the more our memories of our fun times started to reemerge. We even remembered a great spot that we used to go to watch the football games and the staff members that worked there. We decided to revisit that place. To our surprise, the same staff members were there working and even better they remember us.

We chilled, laughed and caught up with the stuff before setting out to see where everything was, including our old hotel where we were staying the previous year. We bought ourselves a beer and walked up to the beginning of the strip where our former hotel was situated. We looked at it and began to smile, in recognition of all the fun we had walking back to the hotel after a boozy night out in the town was never easy, but always worth the story.

Once we finished our journey we decided to head back and get some drinks and food to stock up our empty fridge. On the way back we realised how fortunate we were to have wine and alcohol shops but for the most selection, you had to get everything at the strip. Which we did. We got back to our hotel to realise that we had a supermarket and mall right next to us. Very convenient! We decided to go in a have a quick browse at food and what we could stock up on. There was so much to choose from including ready heated food and chicken that we could cook and prepare in our new self-catering suite. Loved it! We got all we needed for 3 days and headed back to the bat cave.

We all unpacked and once we finished that exhausting job, sat down to eat. We were content and happy now. Satisfied enough to go for a quick nap. While I napped I dreamed of all the things I planned to do on my holiday. Everything related to the beach. Swimming, playing and just relaxing to the sound of the sea. The sea was always a source of comfort to me. So my heart yearned for the sea in my sleep. I woke up and decided to go have a look at our local swimming pool. It was nice with its own restaurant and bar. Including jacuzzi and indoor pool on the basement floor. Very nice but to me, it was not the sea. I headed back upstairs to have a shower and wait for my friends to wake.

My friends awoke to me dressed in a bucket hat and shorts with a drink in my cup. They knew it was time to get ready and wake up. The picture that you see is of me getting ready before stepping out again with my friends. We drank and played cards and enjoyed the rest of the day. Once the night came we got all dressed up and headed out to the main strip to have a look at the nightlife. Which was alive and buzzing.

Every time I look at that picture of me in the bucket hat I smile because it takes me back to a time which I really enjoyed. Even though it was only the first day it was still as memorable as the last.


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