Clement says: Who said airport visits have to be stress?

Airports have become a familiar place to me. Similar to home. After a while, you get used to the environment and many facilities routines and rituals that come with an airport visit.

17 ways to make your airport visit run smoother


Prepare and pack the night before or earlier
I like to weigh my bag before for my own peace of mind. Using a small travel scale for cheap. Can probably get one from a travel store or Argos near you. Can really help and is a great investment.

I like to plan and sort out my transport before hand. Uber, taxi, coach, trains buses and google maps. No excuses!
Also, like to print and check I have all documents including access to my valid passport ready at hand to take with me. Not having to look on the day or wake up wondering if my passport is still valid is a big deal for me.

I always try to check in online either online or on an app I downloaded specific for my flight. Depends on the company you are flying with but most have an app to make things easier.

Follow the signs!
When in doubt I follow the signs. Or ask for help. I’m never afraid to ask for directions.

Expect and plan for queues
Queues are an unavoidable part of life. But you can make it easier on yourself by pre-booking or check in before hand. Hence why I check in the day before online if I know I have nothing to hand into baggage. You can also get upgrades and stuff the night before if you decide you want to change your mind.

Have all your documents at hand including passport
I always have my ticket loaded up on my phone or printed on paper folded in my passport in my pockets. Just makes for smooth sailing in


Pack all cosmetics into see through bag
When you go through customs you want to make your time go as smooth as possible. That includes being as transparent as possible. All liquids and cosmetics I put into my clear see-through transparent bag. It is an international rule around the world. Makes sense. Added to that the reminder that all toiletry products must not exceed 100ML each.

Laptop easy access to take out at security
Make sure you have your laptop ready for easy access. they will ask you to put the laptop in a separate tray for scanning.

Make sure you dress light and simple for security.
I like to make sure that I am dressed as simple and light as possible. The fewer pockets or heavy stuff the better for me. I can stay cool and collected all the way through.

Wait to reach the other side of customs
My golden rule is to just hold on until you’ve gone through security and reached the other side. I promise it is so much easier then.

Know your gate before you start browsing
The gate number is usually on the ticket or sent to you via email before hand when you check in. Knowing that you should keep that in mind regarding timing and distance to the gate. Some gates require extra transport to reach them so be aware of this.

Do the travel thing and spray lots of perfume and colognes on yourself
Everybody does it. Have no shame about it. That’s what they’re there for.

Duty free
Duty-free is your chance to buy everything you think you would like to enjoy on holiday or when you return home for discounted prices. Enjoy.

Food and drinks
Depending on who you are flying with and what seating class you bought, you may want to eat something before going on your long journey. Buy snacks and drinks for the ride.

Yes, the toilet is a human necessity. Depending on the flight, it might not be such a luxury so when you get the chance, go before stepping on the plane too.

Make your way to gate as soon as in opens
This goes back to knowing how far is your gate number and it’s location? How long will it take you to get there before boarding?

Have your passport and boarding pass at ready
You will be asked for you boarding pass and tickets again

Know where you are sitting before hand 
Know where you are sitting before hand so you can manoeuvre the best way possible to your seat with ease. If you’re at the front then enter the plane at the front, if you’re at the back, enter the plane at the rear if possible.

Hand Luggage space
Hand luggage spacing on planes is always a nightmare. However, you have to ask yourself, if I’ve made this far into the plane with my hand luggage, then it means it was meant to be there. There is always space but might not be directly where you are sitting so bare that in mind. Also, you might have to readjust other bangs to fit yours in properly. It’s all angles and puzzles. Last option is to ask the cabin crew to sort it out. They are there to help.

Oh, and take advantage of the free wifi so you can share and tag your airport pics 🙂


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