Clement says: No one likes excess hand luggage

When it comes to hand luggage everyone knows the unspoken rule, fit as much as you can but not to the excess that you get caught and have to check it into cargo. Each airline has their own policy as to how much hand luggage should weigh or how big in size. Some are more generous than others so always check before flying out. However, there are a couple tips that I have picked up that can save you time and embarrassment when coming to the all-important moment of truth.

5 tips to the art of packing hand luggage

Picture of hand luggage and passport

Hand luggage made simple

Whatever you think you need, you properly can survive with less.
Resist the urge to pack every piece of item in your wardrobe. This particularly goes for footwear. A lot of space can be taken up on footwear that we will never use or clothes we feel we would need for imaginary scenarios. Trust me when I say stick to the basics ( Two jeans, one smart outfit, one pair of walking everyday trainers, one shoe, slippers, underwear and a couple socks) The rest you can get on holiday for dead cheap.

Invest in a scale
You will not regret it. Trust me. Our perception of weight and size can vary depending on our individual attributes. So looking and guessing on the basis of what we think, is not a good way to ease your worries. Concrete scientific proof in the form of an actual measuring device is the only way forwards.

Don’t fold up, roll up
An easy tip but a lost art. The art of packing. I only just recently learned the art of rolling clothes. And how much space it saves compared to folding. Seriously it’s like magic. To make it more efficient, you can use an elastic band to group everything securely making the most of all spacing.

Leave the unnecessary food at home
Packing unnecessary luxury food in the case of starvation or to saving money on food may seem smart until you realise how much space or weight it adds to your luggage. There are plenty of cheap food options to choose from at the airport or once you’ve reached new soil so I’m sure you can survive without your luxuries for a short while.

The less bulky looking the better
Invest in the suitcase that is compact looking but very spacious inside. A bag that has various compartments but doesn’t have all the unnecessary bulky locks to add significant weight to your already bulging pack. Try to be discreet about your hand luggage. But in plain sight.

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