Clement says: 5 reasons why I love to travel

I love travelling! And I love the idea of travelling too. Yes, there are many things about travel that can be a negative or just annoying such as money and finances. However, the pros will always outweigh the cons for me. Specifically, there are 5 main reasons why I will always continue to travel. 5 reason why I love to travel.

5 reasons why I love to travel

View looking out of the airplane window of coastline and ocean.

Clement says: 5 reasons why I love to travel

Different perspective
Sometimes I like to travel because I dream of what life would be like in another country. Sometimes experiencing life from another angle or point of view, helps me to grow and see life from another point of view. No matter your background I have learned we all have things in common and empathy is something that everyone can do a little more of.

I am a big foodie inside. My secret obsession for street food has led me all over the world, on a quest to try every creative and unique street food as possible. At least try once.

Sometimes I have found that I find it easier to learn a language in a country that speaks it, than behind my desk at home. I get to practice in real life situations where I can not shy away from the embarrassment of not pronouncing the word right.

I have a genuine love for people. Of course, there are the few bad seeds that get the spotlight more than the good normal folks. However, good people are still out there and most just want to be happy and live ordinary lives. Travelling allows me to keep that in mind whenever I feel I want to get lazy and paint people with the same brush.

I always have felt that people are similar to books, each with their own stories to tell. I love stories and so it makes sense that I love to hear the many stories people have to share with me. Travelling allows me the pleasure of doing so and gathering inspiration for me to write and share m own stories.


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