Clement says: 5 reasons to go to Oktoberfest

The world’s largest Volksvest. This is held in Munich, Bavaria and Germany. For 16 – 18 days, this Bavarian Folk festival is filled with lots of joyous delights and celebrations. Held mid-September to mid-October. I’ve always wanted to go to experience this event and here is 5 reason why:

5 Reasons to go to Oktoberfest

Bavarian food

Bavarian food


If you are a fan of high carb diet, meat sweats and hearty foods, then this is the place you need to come. With lots of German sausages, bacon, pork, beef, chicken, potatoes and lots of pretzels. This food will keep you full for a while. Great for soaking up a boozy day too.

Bavarian Beer

Bavarian food


Yes, the beer will be flowing in abundance. From small humble pint sizes to, ridiculous novelty size (bigger than your face). You will be spoilt for choice. you can even drink out of Viking hats if you fill in the mood.

Bavarian Traditional

Bavarian food


Part of getting in the mood for the festival is to join in the festivities and traditions. This includes dressing up in traditional colourful bavarian clothing. Nothing says you have came prepared more than dressing for the occasion.

Bavarian Music

Bavarian food


Sing along and dance along with the traditional folk music. A lot of the sing-alongs will accompany drinking, so be prepared. Also, expect lots of traditional and interesting percussion instruments and live bands.

Germany city: Cologne

Bavarian food


If you get tired of the partying and just want to have a quiet one, then you can always go for a walk and see the many sights, architecture, and museums great cities like Cologne have to offer.

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