Why I want to visit Sweden – Lapland?

It is winter and now is the time of the year to be merry and jolly. What other place represent the Christmas spirit more than Lapland. I have always had a fascination for winter time even though I am used to warmer climates. North at the very peak of Sweden is Lapland. The home of Santa Claus and his little helpers. Many things to see and do up north. But these reason, in particular, are why I would like to visit Lapland.

Lapland in Sweden

Image: search.creativecommon.org

5 reason to visit Lapland in winter

Northern lights
All my life I have always wanted to see the northern lights. To watch mother nature’s magic show right before my very eyes would be a dream come true. Bucket list moment. During my experience working in travel, I was bombarded with nothing else but winter skies, deals to Iceland to see this phenomenon and happy customers explaining to me what I was missing out on. Always wondered when or how I would experience this. You can imagine my joy at realising that I could experience this in Sweden. Needless to say, I am saving up to do this right now.

Yes even though I am a grown man now, secretly in the back of my head I still get a warm feeling thinking about Rudolph the red nose reindeer. However, at the same time, this cause a problem for me. I am curious to try reindeer meat. The carnivore inside me is curious and the scariest thing is to feel no way about that moral problem. Just hope I won’t break down in tears when the time comes for me to dine on succulent deer meat with the thought of Rudolph the red nose song reindeer being played in the background. Life’s irony.

Ice hotel
Think of the ice queen and a shiny crystal palace and that is what I picture in my head. I have seen hundreds of images of this ice hotel in Sweden used showing weddings, events and even an ice bar. I would love to see this wonderful architectural masterpiece. No doubt it will hurt your wallets and make tears shed from your eyes at the price. But for a once in a lifetime experience I can rationalise the cost and let my ears turn into icicles once I am inside the appreciating this beauty.

Dog sledding
Ok, I am not talking about cool running the movie. I am talking about dog sledding. The activity of being pulled along on your sled by Huskies as you skate along under the winter skies. Sounds quite romantic. Just make sure to hold on tight before you say “mush” and fall off. I have seen too many claims for compensation for this in my travel industry experience. And no, you won’t get anything for you hurting yourself.

Ice fishing
The time honour tradition of man against the elements. During harsh winters, frozen lakes are bound to happen. Problem is that underneath that ice lie food source for the inhabitants of the land. Now it is the 20th century so we do have shops and convenient stores stocked with food for the winter. Still, doesn’t mean you can not still appreciate this great past time while bonding over a pack of beer waiting for nothing. Just be careful because even though there is no slippery floor sign warning, ice is slippery and can be unpredictable to walk on.


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