Music Monday – Danny Saucedo – Super 8

Now that I live in Sweden, I get to sample every part the culture. Including Saturday night Television. In the UK it is usually something to do with X factor and a film. In Sweden it is similar. However, they have their own version of a Saturday night sing-along called Så mycket bättre. The show is about a group of well known individual singers put into a house, living together. Every week each singer has to perform their own unique cover version of the designated singer’s songs for the week.

Danny Saucedo – Super 8 – Så mycket bättre (TV4)

It was on a Saturday evening on this show when I saw this performance by a Danny Saucedo. He sang a cover to the singer called Little Jinder and her song called ‘Super 8’. I didn’t know who any of the artists were. They all just seemed down to earth and unique in their own way. Especially Little Jinder who always makes me smile because of her carefree attitude. I was familiar with some Swedish artist. Mainly the mainstream ones, of course, I am ashamed to say. I would be lying if I said I knew any names on the show prior to watching this Saturday night treat. Which is nothing like the X factor I have to add! I had seen other performances of covers before hand on the show but this performance was something else to me.

I knew nothing about this song or even the lyric but I felt connected and touched by the song. Even though it was in another language, I still felt I understood it. I felt sad yet inspired that life goes on. It had a bittersweet feel to it. Like there was happiness somewhere in the tragedy of it all. There was even a point in the performance that Danny Saucedo begins to cry before singing the song because it had a personal connection with him. It was a touching performance by him that touched everyone including Little Jinder. I wish that I really could understand Swedish to truly appreciate the song fully in its entirety and give it the respect it deserves. Oh well, I guess i just have to settle for the translated lyrics until then.

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