Picture of view from bridge to Södermalm

Why do I travel? Wanderlust

It should be no surprise that I love to travel. People travel for different reasons. However, for me, it is quite simple. It makes me feel alive. In particular, there are three things I look for when travelling that really makes the hassle of packing worth the trip. The reason for my love of travel is 3 things.

  1. I have a lust for the unknown
  2. I love to experience new things
  3. I love to meet new people.

There are lots of other reasons too. However, these are my main 3 reasons and this is why?

The three reasons why I like to travel?

Picture of view from bridge to Södermalm

Sights like these are why I love to travel

Wanderlust for the unknown

Ever since I was a young boy, I have always been drawn to the unknown. Like most, we all experience fear. However, people react differently to fear. I get curious about why I fear stuff and want to explore the unknown like an astronaut going into space. Also where there are gaps in my knowledge regarding places, I have a first to find out and complete that geography in for myself.

Thirst for new experiences

Again going back to the topic of gaps in my knowledge, that includes gaps in my experience. I do not need to experience everything. However, it doesn’t stop me from wanting to experience as much as I can. What better way to experience life than to travel and really see the world for yourself. You learn so much about yourself in the process too. So it is not just an exploration of the unknown but for yourself.

An interest in meeting new people

Last but not least I get to meet new people. This is very enriching to me because I see people like books. Each with their own experience and stories. Listening to conversations and wondering what it would be like to be in someone else’s shoes for a day. This is a source of great writing inspiration for me when it comes to writing fictional stories and building an imaginative character with interesting backgrounds. This is why it is very important for me to continue to talk and meet new people so I grow myself from the interaction. I get a great source of happiness and joy from building connections with people. this Makes life interesting for me.

I love the sense of freedom that comes from travelling and experiencing the world. Every day I remember why I fell in love with the travel bug and why wanderlust will forever be a part of me.

If you want to read more about my wanderlust, Just click here.




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