View on my night walk in Stockholm city

Always play to your strengths – TBT

So good news. I have officially been offered a job! After searching for a month I have been fortunate to find something. It’s nothing special like a nice executive title. Just a floor-tender. A mix between a bartender and floor boy. However, it has been a long time coming and here is why?

Why you should always play to your strengths?

View on my night walk in Stockholm city

Always play to your strengths

Ever since I could remember, I have never been the academic smart type. I was always the boy to get the top of the class for effort. However, the technical or natural ability side I was lacking. People appreciate hard work and I gained respect through that. Problem is that I was never naturally gifted at anything in particular. Just worked extremely hard. Looking back on my life the only thing I was naturally good at was people. I think it’s called interpersonal intelligence. I didn’t know much but I knew people. Problem was that I was too focused on trying to be good at things that weren’t my strength. That turned me into a jack of all trade. Not particularly good at anything but I worked hard so it counts. That included career and other activities. I soon found out the problem with this is that you are not an expert at anything. Always replaceable. In the fog, I began to look inwards. I started to learn what my strengths were and to accept that in the light of this truth, it would mean that I was not the same as the rest.

My strength was understanding and connecting with people on a deeper and personal level. I think it is called interpersonal intelligence. I was good at reading people and the deep problems they were dealing with that was hidden under the skin. I always had it but I never listened properly to the signs of life and what people around me kept saying. My old basketball coach would say that I had good instincts. Wasn’t particularly athletic but I had a knack for reading plays or players. Quick to react. My friends would also say that I was really good at giving advice. The grounded and level headed wise young sage. Listening to people’s problems with empathy and making them happy with my aura and personality. Always the life of the party and connecting with strangers who felt like they knew me within seconds. I have even had random people in the middle of rush hour stop just to tell me that there is something about me that made them feel inclined to talk to me in a good way. I dismissed it all and didn’t want to hear it because I was too busy running the career rat race trying to prove I was a big shot. Instead of playing to my strengths. Looking back on those times, it was the most frustrating times of my life. Knowing what I know now, it was a necessary part of my growth.

Now I am 28, and I have decided to start my life again in Sweden. I have learned that is never too late to start being true to yourself. In London, I was caught up in the rat race. Instead of focusing on my strengths and what I loved, I let the financial pressure confuse me and I ended up lost sauce as we say where I come from (hood talk). No matter how nice the suit or job title my heart was never into it. Secretly, I have always wanted to experience working bar, beverage or something to do with nightlife. An environment where I get to meet new people. Informal if possible because I’ve never been one for the top button up style. It’s ok, not everybody wants is built for being a doctor or lawyer or a job that people hold in high esteem in society. The main important thing is being true to you and playing to your strengths. I am a late bloomer. A wild child to adults. But it’s ok because I need to experience to learn so working from the ground up is best for me. I am not a go-getter. I am a straightforward worker who gets fulfilment from meeting new people and helping in my own way. Looking back now, it all makes sense now the charity work and volunteering. I was dead broke but still decided to volunteer because I found the experience of talking to the homeless, hearing their stories and trying to help in my small way so rewarding than just working for money. Something my high-end marketing title couldn’t provide me. Purpose and fulfilment.

So now I get to start again and I am excited for this because now I know my strengths and what I should be doing if I want to feel fulfilled in my life. No more rat race. My life is how I want it to be and Floortender is the perfect start for me. Might me nothing to you, but it is a big step on the path to happiness for me.

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