The view from Stockholm docks

Appreciate the moment – TGIF

As I went on my daily walk, I was reminded by the beautiful sun that it was Friday. You have made it through the week and you deserve to enjoy the weekend. You deserve to take it easy this holiday and to enjoy your break. Life is not all about work and bills. It’s about enjoying your time on earth and making the most of the moment. In particular, the holidays and your weekends. It’s a chance for us to let our hair down, and go crazy. To express yourself fully without the constraints that working life puts on us. For me, there are three reasons why I really need to make the most of my downtime.


Three reasons why you should enjoy your weekends, holidays and downtime?

The view from Stockholm docks

Appreciate the moment – TGIF


After a very long week of work, we all need time to recharge or risk burning out. So make sure you do power down properly. Leave the work at work and disconnect. I promise you the work won’t go nowhere. You need to learn when it is time to work and when it is time to take a break.

Put things into perspective

A lot goes on during the working week and sometimes we do not get the chance to process it all. Your weekend or holiday break is the time to do this. It is the time to reflect on how you are feeling and to truly connect with yourself. So that you can make better-informed decisions that benefit you.

Catch up with close ones

Everyone has a busy work life. Usually, that means we do not get the chance to see or meet or friends and family and frequently as we would like to. This holiday is the perfect excuse to try to reconnect or get in touch with loved ones. Whether it’s for a quick Fika or sending a message, call or text, a little effort can mean the world nowadays.

This is the time of the year when the days are short and the nights are long. So when I saw the sun come out, so too did i. I walked around Stockholm to see kids and families laughing and celebrating. Enjoying basking in the light. No matter how short it maybe, everyone was making the most of it. It was this thought that reminded me to enjoy my Friday. And so too should you if you can. Whenever you get the chance to get a break, be sure to make use of your downtime.

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