Sweden snow

Jogging, snow and surviving the nordic weather conditions in Sweden

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to keep fit. Jogging in the mornings in my thing and nothing makes me more ready for the day than a jog in the morning. However, this morning was different. I awoke to see a blanket of snow as far as the eye could see. This was the first time that I had ever seen snow high enough to reach my knees. (And no I am not short).

Nevertheless, I decided to brave the harsh nordic condition and do my jog. That was my downfall. The rest of it was nothing but torture as I couldn’t even open my eyes let alone get a good jogging rhythm in the thick snow. From this experience, I have learned a couple things for future jogging in the snow that I would like to share…

Surviving the Nordic conditions and snow in Sweden

Sweden snow

Make sure you are prepared properly for the Nordic conditions.

Buy a pair of trainers or footwear specifically to handle the conditions.

I know sometimes we can all want to save money or look for bargains but in this case, this is not a compromise. The wrong footwear can be the difference between having an easy time of making your life difficult. Always have the right footwear built for the condition. Not all trainers are suited for icy, wet conditions. Just because they are running trainers does not make them suitable for ice and wet substance. Investment is for a long time so take it seriously and does your research. Find footwear that gives you amazing grip in snow and slippery floor. Make sure they are wet proof and thermal insulated. Whether it’s shoes or trainers, you won’t regret it.

Warm up indoors if possible

Simple squats, push ups, stairs and quick stretch can save you from pulling a muscle or major injuries. Especially, when it is cold. Your muscle is less elastic making it more prone to tears, rips and injury.

Thermal everything

Underarmour insulation is key! Wearing long johns or woolly under armour thermal will be the best thing you can do to survive the cold wind. Your gloves, socks and hat need to be well insulated especially as these are the areas that tend to get cold the quickest.  So invest in good ones and protect yourself from the cold that reaches through your outdoor clothing and into your bones inside.

Waterproof jacket

You will need something that is windproof, wet proof and insulated. Something to protect from the cold wind, icy snow blizzard and keeps you warm too. It also your jacket needs to not absorb water otherwise it can make your clothing heavy, sticky and wet. Not a pleasant feeling when you want to jog. So wool or cotton interior but wet proof exterior.

Protect your eyes from snow blizzard

dWhen blizzards happen, snow goggles are an essential part of the gear to survival. Otherwise, the blizzard can impair your sight of vision due to the sharp icicles attacking your eyes. This is truer when you are jogging against the snow too. Protect your eyes and look for some goggles or sunglasses to jog with.

These five things I believe will make you jogging experience go smoother in the Swedish nordic conditions. Apart from that, there is nothing you can really do other than to not jog when it is snowing. There is plenty of ways to lose weight that doesn’t require you to brave harsh conditions. But if you are like me and like the buzz and thrill of venturing the extreme tough terrains of nature, then this will only inspire you to brave the conditions regardless. Just protect yourself properly and you will be fine.


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