View of London from the rooftop

Back in London City! (For one week only)

Guess who is back in the UK! I have come back to visit my friends and loved ones. Coming back to London is a surreal experience for me now because it doesn’t completely feel like home to me? I know that makes no sense so I will try to explain as best as I can.

I am London and Stockholm at heart

View of London from the rooftop

Back in London City

Half of me is a London boy and the other half is the boy who has moved on to Sweden. Sort of like moving on from an old flame. The sentimental feeling of care will forever be there but you have already begun the process of being happy elsewhere. Stockholm is my new home and I have already latched myself to this beautiful city and Sweden as a whole.

For the first time in my life, I technically can say I am a tourist to London City. And I love that! Why? Because I feel like the chains of depression that held me down to one spot does not apply to me anymore. I am now able to really explore London with fresh new eyes and with a greater appreciation for its beauty. Where you love in a place for a very long time, You can sometimes take it for granted forgetting what made your city so beautiful and appealing in the first place. The magic can get suck out of life if you do not try to revitalise the spark. That is what I have achieved by moving to Sweden I feel. I am able to appreciate what makes both UK and Sweden so amazing and appreciate them individually for their uniqueness.

I will forever be a London boy at heart but I have dreams in Sweden that I want to bring to realisation. I am fortunate to have family in London that I can alway come back to if need be. This was another reason that gave me confidence and why I felt it was time to try find my own path. I thought to myself, if I don’t try and find my own way and live my own life, I will one day regret it. So, I made the jump knowing that regardless of what happens, I can always come back and start again from where I once started. That comfort was the push for me. Not everyone has this comfort as I understand but if you do and you are thinking of taking a shot? You will never regret your decision. At least you can say your tried.


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