Darkness and snow in winter

What is winter like in Sweden?

So you have a lot you would like to know about Sweden and you have reached my blog and want a little more information on whether the myths are true or are they overexaggerated? Well, I am here to keep it real with you on what you can expect to experience during winter in Sweden.

Darkness and snow in winter

You can expect a lot of darkness in winter in Sweden.

So what is winter like in Sweden?

You can expect a lot of night and darkness.

This the biggest thing you will notice. Especially if you are somebody who enjoys the sun and summertime. Winter can be the harshest time for most workers because of the lack of light. This makes it difficult for most to wake up in the morning or gauge a sense of when it is morning. Tricking your brain into feeling tired still. This is the biggest thing that most Swedes have told me to be the hardest thing about spending winter in Sweden. Finding the light inside to endure the dark. Kind of dark and philosophical I know.

However, to combat this there are lots of things such as street lights, the bright snow that reflects the light and coffee. Lots of it. I would also say to invest in an alarm clock that wakes you up slowly with soft light giving the illusion of sunrise. Other than that during the day when the sun comes out, it is very nice and sunny. Grey skies are not as common so you get to enjoy the nordic sunlight. Just make sure to wrap up warm.

Cold, ice and snow – Obviously

Needless to say (but I will for argument’s sake say anyway), snow can come in abundance and stay layered on the ground for a while in during the winter in Sweden. Worse is the ice under the snow that is hiding and waiting to claim it’s next victim not wearing the right pair of shoes. To combat this, make sure to wear shoes that have grip for slippery conditions. Make sure that the thermal insulated and waterproof to protect yourself from the melting snow. Also, invest in under armour. It’s usually the answer to everything.

Christmas actually looks like Christmas

If you have childhood images of snow and winter wonderland then Sweden in winter will give you that. I am originally from London, UK so my experience of winter has been underwhelming for a long time. Sweden in winter has given me another perspective. A more fun and a brighter outlook on the festive season. Winter really is what you make of it. However, it does help when you have warm drinks, Fika treats, spices and berries, clear bright skies, reindeer, Christmas lights, lots of white snow and festive traditions and atmosphere surrounding you. You get the true winter wonderland experience.

To sum it up, winter in Sweden is cold, dark but nice in it own winter wonderland way. Beats a cold rainy night in Stoke, to be honest.

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