“He who dares my friend, he who dares…”

Clement Boateng, Cj, unconventional, raconteur, writer, travel, adventure, INTP, Virgo, promoter, LDN, STHLM.

I am your designated expat from South London boy lost outdoors in Sweden, Ghana in my blood and Africa rooted in my veins. Ever since I have ever known I have been in the field of “people management”. From security, sales, customer service and marketing. Dealing with people, building relationships and communication has always been a part of my life. But no matter what I always had a gift for connecting and understanding people. There my strength laid. Just never could figure out one place for my talent to stay. Whatever would pay my┬ábills I figured? My interest in people spurred me to keep searching for an answer. After twenty something years living in London, I had become bored, tired and feeling stuck with the same monotony of my daily work life and lack of adventure.

So in steps my lovely Swedish girlfriend who I had met in London where she was studying her bachelor’s at the time. Then came the big decision day. Whether I stay in London and we go our separate ways or I take a leap of faith? I decided to take the jump after playing safe and practical for so long with career and personal development. I needed to feel adventure again and I figured it was time to do something completely out of character.

I had nothing to lose. I had already done everything according to the textbook and still felt lost and confused about life and my lack of risk taking was clearly not working for me. Might as well try something new. Something out of my comfort zone and that would make me break out of my box and grow from the experience. The only thing I knew is that I always imagined living in another country and this seemed like an opportunity to experience this and grow with someone I love. Just reading the signs of life my friends.

I also realised that being safe and practical are two different things. I had become a too much of an overthinker. To the point I let my fears stop me from making a decision or taking a risk. I became a bubble boy. Just felt stuck in the same spot doing nothing. Too afraid to jump. I had become my worst nightmare.

I finally figured that if I kept doing the same thing then I would eventually waste my life and never feeling fulfilled. The thought of that depressed me every day and scared me to the point that I had to do something about it. I wanted to feel like I was making the most of my life and wanted to enjoy my time on this earth no regrets. I decided that I had to do something different to get a different outcome. Now fast forward to me now living in beautiful Stockholm (Sweden) beginning my journey and a new adventure in this great city. New slate, new adventure and no clue what the future holds. Completely crapping my pants at the thought of that but at the same time learning to embrace and go with it. The future is an open sea right now and not a fish tank. That is all that matters for right now.

So I invite you all to follow, interact and join me on this journey or exploration, self-discovery and clarity. Life is about trial and error. There is no blueprint to the perfect life. You have to experience and figure out what is best for you. There are no books or video tutorials on how to enjoy your life. You have actually got to go out there and live life to find out what makes you love being alive so much. Hopefully, I will find what I am looking for.

Wish me luck!